California Window Tint Laws

The California government allows the public to use tints on their windows. In California, there is no restriction on how much the tint is dark or not. The light that passes through the window can be measured in the Visible Light Transmission percentage. In California Window Tint law, the front windshield and front side windows have 70 percent VLT. If the rear window is tinted, it is compulsory to have a dual side mirror. In the past, automobile owners used different tinting colors for tinting. They use red, silver, and different amber colors. California window tint laws are changed according to the vehicles. They forbade the public to use red, blue, and amber colors for front windshields.

Top California Window Tint Laws

  • Front Side Windows: 70%
  • Back Side Windows: Any
  • Rear Windows: Any
  • Windshield: 4 Inches
  • Reflectivity: No more reflective than a standard window
  • Other Restrictions: Red, amber, and blue are not allowed. dual side mirrors are required for back tinted windows

Window Tint Laws

Window tints are used to reduce the glare and to reflect the light rays trying to enter through the window installed in the vehicle. In California, the windshield is not allowed to be tinted. The automobile owners are not allowed to use metallic or reflective window tint.

Medical Relaxation

Due to medical relaxation, some people are allowed to use tint or other things to give sun proof on their front side windows. Due to some medical reasons, people can use this kind of material to protect themselves from UV light rays. The proofing material should be explicit and transparent.

Window Tint Laws Application

For using tint, it is compulsory to have medical proof from a certified dermatologist or surgeon. Suppose the doctor said that this person needs a window tint for medical reasons. The automobile honor submits the doctor’s advice letter with a window tint letter to the California Department of Motor Vehicle. After that, the department allows the concerned person to use window tint.

Percentage Certificate

The automobile owner should have a certificate from the tint shield company about the VLT percentage. In the certificate, the company name and its address must be displayed. Tint manufacturers must have a verified certificate from the government of California for selling the tint in the country. The vehicle owner should have the tinted company logo or sticker on their vehicle.

Frontside Window Tint

If a person has severe medical issues and the physician recommends that he use frontside window tint, the tint used on the front side should allow 88 percent light to come in because it is prohibited to use tint on the front side.


The automobile owner can not apply stickers or anything else on the front side screen or the rear side mirrors because it disturbs the driver’s view.


If the police officer finds or catches someone with non-compliance, he or she issues you ‘Fix it ticket’. It is used for first-time offenders. On the second time violation, they charged $25, and on the third time, they set $197 and ordered to remove the window tint.

California Window Tint Laws 2022

In tint law reforms, it is allowed to use tint on the front side screen, but they can apply it on the top of the front side screen at least 4 or 5 inches and that tint also be transparent and clear. It allows at least 70 percent of light to enter. This law also covers all types of vehicles.

Other Important Regulations

In addition to how dark you are allowed to have your car windows tinted, there are some other related regulations that you must comply with. They include the following:

Side Mirrors
If you have a tinted rear window, dual side mirrors become a legal requirement to allow the driver to see the road behind the vehicle.

Certain restrictions exist concerning the colors you are allowed to use for tinting windows. In short, in California, you are not allowed to tint your windows in shades of red, amber or blue. Any other colors of tint are permitted.

If you have tinted windows, you are required to possess the necessary documentation. Manufacturers of the film used for tinting windows must certify their products to prove that they are in compliance with California Window tint laws.

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